Gemma Cervera

Gemma Cervera

National Sales Manager


At 26 jovial years, he directs the sale of sanitary products, -since 2020- in an outstanding way and always overcoming any adverse context.

When she started at the company, Gemma was in charge of managing all the customers and suppliers in the northern area. Her ability to learn, flexibility and adaptation made her ideal to assume responsibility for the healthcare area.

He has been in Rinfresco for 2 brilliant years, a place he arrived at after a necessary search for new airs and stimuli. He studied a Higher Degree in commerce and 'marketing', although he continues his hungry need for training with his Law studies.

Gemma has an unusual character and adaptive capacity, a quality that is palpable even in her vital mantra: “everything is constantly changing and you have to adapt”.

Confident in her work, she knows that when a client starts working with Rinfresco, they never leave. She sees to it that it is so; with poise, seriousness and high resolution capacity in the face of the problems of each day.

We are a Spanish company born in 2006 and dedicated to the purchase, sale and wholesale distribution of food products, mainly beverages. Comprising beers and soft drinks, as well as drugstore and other products.