Sanitary area

Since 2020 we are holders of authorization nºaemps: 8245-PS in the Spanish Medicines Agency and we are registered in the registry of authorized establishments of the Generalitat Valenciana CV-311–DIS which enable us to import and distribute all those products, among others, intended for the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. We have a technical department that verifies and assesses the suitability of imported and distributed products within the EU regulations, in order to guarantee our customers.

  • RINFRESCO has a service area, dedicated to importing medical and surgical products for distributors, wholesalers as well as Clinics and Hospitals.
  • RINFRESCO offers import services for medical and surgical products for third parties. We can manage imports and customs clearance serving the product in the sanitary warehouse that the client designates. We can do a service of
    traceability, storage and distribution for customers who need it.
  • RINFRESCO has and updates the procedures to guarantee that the handling, storage and distribution of the products is carried out properly. It has established and documented a traceability system with control and identification of each of the products it sells.
  • RINFRESCO has the SANITARY LICENSE for the installation of sanitary products as an Importer and Distributor company, granted by the SPANISH AGENCY OF MEDICINES AND SANITARY PRODUCTS of the MINISTRY OF HEALTH, SOCIAL SERVICES AND EQUALITY.

Antigen test


The Rapid Antigen Test is intended for the qualitative detection of SARS COV 2 antigen in nasopharyngeal swab specimens.

We are a Spanish company born in 2006 and dedicated to the purchase, sale and wholesale distribution of food products, mainly beverages. Comprising beers and soft drinks, as well as drugstore and other products.